• 3/4″ x 3″ Impel Bor 8 Rods


    Bor8 Rods  3/4" x 3"

    Bor8 Rods are molded from water-diffusible borates and are highly concentrated for maximum efficiency. crp0040
    $44.95 - $325.00 $41.95 - $299.95 Details/Purchase
  • 7104L Makita Chain Mortiser Chains and Bars

    7104L Makita Chain Mortiser Chains and Bars st0140-mortiser-chains-bars Replacement chains, bars, and sprockets for the Makita 7104L chain mortiser.  
    $497.95 - $839.00 $410.00 - $675.00 Details/Purchase
  • Australian Carving bar by GB.

    GB Australian Carving Bars ca0020-gb-carving GB is the only carving bar that we're aware of that also offers a sprocket tip option.
    $30.00 - $140.00 $30.00 - $50.00 Details/Purchase
  • Barker Tenon Cutter


    Barker Tenon Cutters

    Barker Tenon Cutters are made of machined high-grade aluminum in either single or double blade styles. st0100-Barker
    $350.00 - $700.00 $259.00 - $700.00 Details/Purchase
  • Bora-Care

    Bora-Care concentrated Borates BORA-CARE is glycol-borate solution specially formulated for deep penetrating into logs with a moisture content >14%. crp0030-bora-care  
    $112.50 - $419.80 $112.50 - $379.80 Details/Purchase
  • Building With Logs- by B Allan Mackie

    V910-mackie B. Allan Mackie was the first qualified teacher ever to bring log construction studies into regular classrooms. These DVD's are a culmination of years of teaching.
    $40.00 - $400.00 $9.95 - $400.00 Details/Purchase
  • Cannon Carving Bar

    Cannon Carving Bars ca0020-cannon Cannon Carving bars are available with cobalt hardened tips in varying tip diameters and bar lengths.
    $72.00 - $177.11 $69.95 - $158.95 Details/Purchase
  • Capture Log Stain – samples & gallons

    Sale! Capture Log Stain Color Chart

    Capture Log Stain - 1 gallon & sample sizes

    Capture log stain  is designed to protect your home no matter what the weather condition or elevation. lf0015-Capture  
    $0.00 - $80.99 $0.00 - $72.89 Details/Purchase
  • Cascade Exterior Clear Topcoat

    Sale! Cascade Clear Top Coat

    Cascade Clear Top Coat

    Cascade Clear is now available in Semi-gloss and Matte. Cascade Clear Top Coat is a weather repellent topcoat to be used with Capture Log Home Stain lf0020-cascade
    $0.00 - $402.99 $0.00 - $362.69 Details/Purchase
  • Chain Saw Protective Shirt – Orange

    Sale! Chainsaw Safety Shirt - Orange
    Chain Saw Protective Shirt - Orange Pullover Protective Shirt with protective pads in neck, arms, and shoulder areas. sg0050-shirt-swede-pro
    $59.99 Details/Purchase
  • Chainsaw Rubber Safety boots

    Sale! Husqvarna Rubber Safety Boots
    sg0040-boots-safety-rubber Chainsaw Waterproof protective boot with improved and approved saw protection. Natural rubber with cotton pile lining. 4 layer insole, ankle-guard, and heel grip.
    $59.99 Details/Purchase
  • ChimneyRx Masonry Chimney Water Repellent

    mc0005-rx-wr    #300119  Gallon ChimneyRx masonry water repellent is Designed for Chimneys and Other Vertical Masonry Surfaces.
    $19.99 Product Details
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  • Clearstrip by Abatron


    Clearstrip by Abatron

    Environmentally safe paint remover designed to remove multiple layers in one action. crp0001-abatron-stripper
    $29.50 - $233.70 $18.96 - $229.03 Details/Purchase
  • Color Fast


    Sashco Colorfast Pre-Stain Base Coat for Wood

    Colorfast Pre-Stain base coat evens out wood porosity, creating a smoother surface for stain application and preventing over-absorption and a too-dark color. lf0041-colorfast
    $0.00 - $289.99 $0.00 - $260.99 Details/Purchase
  • DEFY Extreme Wood Stain


    DEFY Extreme Wood Stain

    DEFY Extreme wood stain
    • A Nano technology finish available in 'Crystal Clear' or tinted.
    • A truly eco-friendly, V.O.C. compliant product that offers tough protection while being gentle on our environment
    $1.00 - $264.96 $0.00 - $238.46 Details/Purchase
  • Dixie Skidding Tong-hook style

    Dixie Skidding & Loading tongs st0018-skidding-hook Skidding/loading tongs are used to drag logs out of the woods or across the yard. We're discontinuing this line of products...thus 'Really Good Deals' for you.
    $113.63 - $199.95 $95.00 - $199.95 Details/Purchase
  • Felt Liner

    SG0040:FeltLiner Set Felt liners for Rubber Logging Boots come with reinforced heel open front.
    $13.99 Details/Purchase
  • Forester Chainsaw Safety Gloves

    sg0030-F-gloves-safety Kevlar lined goatskin anti-vibration gloves with leather palm.
    $21.99 Details/Purchase
  • Grip Strip backer rod


    Grip Strip backer rod

    Grip Strip Backer Rod is a Trapezoidal shaped white closed cell polyethylene foam material used between the rounds of logwork in your chinked style home or in larger checks/cracks in logs that need to be filled. cc0036-trap-rod
    $1.10 - $249.00 $1.10 - $249.00 Details/Purchase
  • Hults Bruk Kalix Compact Felling Axe

    Sale! Hults Bruk Kalix Axe

    Hults Bruk Kalix Compact Felling Axe st0211-hb-kalix

    The Hults Bruk Kalix is a compact felling axe intended for bringing down or cutting up small to medium sized trees.
    $102.60 Product Details
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  • Hults-Torneo Felling Axe

    Sale! Hults Bruk Torneo
    Hults-Torneo Felling Axe st0211-Hults-Torneo The Hults Bruk Torneo Felling Axeis a compact felling axe intended for bringing down or cutting up small to medium sized trees.
    $89.10 Product Details
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  • Irwin 29″ auger bit

    Irwin Drill Bit - 29" ST0097-Irwin Drill Bit 29" Irwin Power Drill Wood Auger bits are considered the standby long wood auger bit. Good production and durability. Irwin is 2nd from left in picture.
    $76.64 - $133.32 $59.95 - $87.95 Details/Purchase
  • Lancelot cutting chain and wheel for 4-1/2″ grinders

    ST0133-lancelot Lancelot cutters, for use on most 4-1/2" paddle switch grinders, offer fantastic detail work! Excellent on their own for rapid wood removal, cutting and general shaping of many kinds of materials.  
    $1.45 - $49.99 $1.45 - $43.95 Details/Purchase
  • Lifting Tong



    These high quality heavy duty lifting tongs come in 16", 20", 25" and 32". As we're closing out this product line, you'll find 'Really Good Deals' on what is left.  
    $223.39 - $257.88 $187.00 - $215.00 Details/Purchase
  • LiquidWood Epoxy


    LiquidWood Epoxy

    LiquidWood® (Liquid Epoxy), is a deep penetrating wood consolidant that regenerates and waterproofs rotted, dried-out or spongy wood. It restores structural strength and durability to wood fibers. crp0015-lw
    $55.75 - $229.90 $40.67 - $188.06 Details/Purchase
  • Log Jam Chinking

    Sale! Color chart for log jam chinking

    Log Jam Chinking by Sashco

    Log Jam is a water based chinking that applies easily and tools and cleans up with just water. cc0005-Log-Jam-Chinking
    $22.99 - $308.99 $22.99 - $278.09 Details/Purchase
  • MacIntosh Book and Video set



    Discover the artistic side of the chainsaw. The works of 23 chainsaw carvers are featured in this book and 2 VHS videos.

    $88.50 Product Details
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  • Makita 9741 Wheel Sander

    Sale! Makita 9741 Wheel Brush Sander
    Makita 9741 Wheel  Sander st0135-Wheel-Brush Makita 9741 Wheel Brush Sander allows for smooth and even surface material removal.
    $529.00 Product Details
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  • Makita KP312 12″ portable planer

    Sale! KP312-12-inch-planer

    Makita KP312 12-1/4" planer

    This Makita KP312 12-1/4" is as good as it gets for a hand-held 12" planer...popular with Timber Framers st0125-makita-12-planer
    $2,439.95 - $2,495.00 $2,395.00 - $2,439.95 Details/Purchase
  • Plunger set for LiquidWood®

    crp0021-pumps Very convenient for dispensing a fluid ounce of LiquidWood® (A) or (B) with each depression. Fits oblong gallon containers. One pair of pumps per pack. NOTE: Plungers only fit the gallon and quart size LiquidWood® containers. The Pints are too small for the length of the plungers.
    $9.70 Product Details
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  • Pro Forest ‘Plus’ Apron Chaps

    sg0005-apronchaps 9 layers of protective material covered with a 600 Denier outer shell that comes in Blue.
    $62.99 Product Details
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  • Reversible 1000 denier chap with kevlar.

    Reversible Chainsaw Chaps sg0005-chaps-reversible Made in the U.S.A. and feature a 5-PLY Interior Urethane blend for safety.  
    $68.95 - $91.95 $58.95 - $81.95 Details/Purchase
  • Sashco Conceal textured caulk


    Sashco Conceal textured caulk

    Conceal's light texture simulates the natural roughness of wood and blends in beautifully with your stain. cc0009-conceal
    $10.49 - $351.99 $10.49 - $316.79 Details/Purchase
  • Sashco Log Builder caulk

    Sale! Log Builder Caulk

    Sashco Log Builder Caulk

    Sashco Log builder smooth latex caulk stretches and compresses up to 100% to absorb log movement cc0010-caulk-sashco-log-builder
    $9.49 - $344.99 $9.49 - $310.49 Details/Purchase
  • Sashco Symphony Clear Interior

    Sashco Symphony Clear Interior
    • Enhances natural wood grain
    • Smooth finish makes walls easy to clean
    • Available in Satin or Gloss
    $79.99 - $355.99 $71.99 - $320.39 Details/Purchase
  • Skidding Tong-ring

    Dixie Skidding/loading tongs st0018-skidding Skidding/loading tongs are used to drag logs out of the woods or across the yard. As we're closing out this product line, you'll find 'Really Good Deals' on what is left.
    $95.43 - $193.10 $80.00 - $162.00 Details/Purchase
  • Tim-bor borate powder


    Tim-bor Borate Powder

    Tim-bor is a powdered concentrate of water-soluble inorganic borate salt that you (usually), mix with water for protection from rot and insects. Not available to homeowners in New York or Connecticut....sorry CRP0030-TB
    $18.99 - $155.99 $17.99 - $137.99 Details/Purchase
  • Transformation ‘Log and Timber’ Stain

    Sale! Transformation 'Log and Timber' Stain
    Sashco Transformation Log and Timber (plant) Oil Based Stain is formulated with resins based on renewable resources... giving it an honorable mention in the "Green Home and Lifestyle Awards".
    • lf0026-Transformation-Log & Timber
    $0.00 - $549.99 $0.00 - $494.99 Details/Purchase
  • Transformation Siding and Trim Stain


    Transformation Siding and Trim Stain

    Transformation Siding and Trim by Sashco, is formulated for ease of application without sacrificing beauty or performance in a 2 coat system lf0022-transformation-siding-trim
    $0.00 - $310.99 $0.00 - $279.89 Details/Purchase
  • WoodEpox Wood Filler


    WoodEpox Wood Epoxy Filler

    WoodEpox wood filler is a shrink-free wood replacement compound that can be used in any thickness to replace and repair wood. It can be painted, stained, sanded and worked like wood. crp0015-we
    $49.75 - $199.50 $40.67 - $176.30 Details/Purchase