Barr Tools Adz’s are considered by experienced users to be among the best…with Gransfors Bruks Adzes being equally popular in Europe…and Oxhead (German) Adzes being popular since the 70’s when Scotty first started building.

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  • Barr Hand Adze

    Barr Hand Adz

    Barr Hand Adze

    This adze is the best choice for roughing out your chair seats st0250-adze-barr-hand
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  • Barr Flat Hewing/Ship Adze

    Barr Flat Hewing/Ship Carpenter Adze

    The hewing adze (ship carpenter’s adze) is specifically designed for hewing timbers. When used in conjunction with our scarf slick your timbers will have a traditional hand hewn look. st0250-adze-barr-ship-Hewing-carpenter-Flat-
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  • Barr Gutter Adze

    Barr Gutter Adze...also called a Curved Adze.

    Our gutter adze is primarily used for roughing-out chair seats. It is also very useful for log scribe work, large bowl projects and totem work. Shipped with a 30" hardwood handle which can be cut to desired length. st0250-adze-barr-gutter
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  • German Oxhead adze

    German Oxhead Adze

    Oxhead ("Ochsenkopf") German Adze is available in curved or flat blade styles...Good German Steel and long handles. st0250-adze-oxhead
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  • Adze handle for German Ochsenkopf (OX)

    Adze handle for German Ochsenkopf (OX) Handles are 31" long...eye is approximately 1" x 1-5/8" ST0250-oxhead-handle
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