Lancelot cutting chain and wheel for 4-1/2″ grinders

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Lancelot cutters, for use on most 4-1/2″ paddle switch grinders, offer fantastic detail work! Excellent on their own for rapid wood removal, cutting and general shaping of many kinds of materials.




Fits on most 4-1/2″, 5/8″ arbor angle grinders…preferably the type with a paddle switch (this type shuts off when you let go of the grinder…sometimes called a ‘kill switch’ as it ‘kills’ the power to the tool.

  • Fantastic for detail work!
  • Excellent on their own for rapid wood removal, cutting and general shaping of many kinds of materials.
  • Available with center holes of 5/8″ for most North American grinders.

Blades have twice the amount of regular teeth resulting in the blade powering its way through the hardest of woods and other soft non ferrous materials.
This important feature, combined with the speed of the angle grinder rotating at between 10,000 to 13,000 rpm’s provides users with the most efficient and powerful cutting and shaping power tool accessory in the world.

Should the blade hit a nail or piece of wire in wood, on most occasions it will cut through the obstruction. If not, the impact will cause the chain to stop while the discs rotate giving the user a warning to stop the angle grinder. This is a major safety feature which virtually eliminates kickback and binding (this said, be sure to read the “Tips on Lancelot use“. This is not a toy).
All chains are easily sharpened with a 5/32” (4mm) chain saw file.

Note: Some Makita 4″ grinders need hole drilled in body of grinder. Makita 4-1/2″ grinders are okay as is.

Here are some notes from the manufacturer regarding various brands of grinders…

Q: Can you recommend any specific grinders?
A:Yes. Our top picks are the following 4-1/2″ angle grinders: Rigid R1001, Porter Cable 7406, Bosch 1810P, all Milwaukee’s – 6140, 6142 6148, 6148-6, variable speed 6154, Black and Decker Industrial and Pro models, Makita 9527PB (however, another area of the manufacturers site says not to use on any Makita grinder…perhaps only this one has a paddle switch?), and Hitachi G12SE. They all have the paddle switch feature and any tandem combination of two KAT blades can be used on these power tools.

The manufacturer DOES NOT recommend the 4-1/2” De Walt angle grinder, model 28402 for use with our blades.  (This grinder replaced the DW402).


How to install and use the Lancelot wood cutter

Lancelot instructions

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