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  • Book-One Man’s Wilderness

    bb156-OneMansWilderness by Sam Keith - An Alaskan Odyssey From Proenneke's journal, and with first-hand knowledge of his subject and the setting, Sam Keith has woven a tribute to a man who carved his masterpiece out of the beyond.
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  • Build Your Own Log Home

    by Roger Hard #bb105 Build Your Own Low Cost Log Home With this book you'll learn basic construction techniques for both simple one store and more complex multi story dwellings. Shows information on building using both flat on flat and coped methods of building, as well as how to erect a "kit" log shell.
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  • Building with Logs

    by B. Allan Mackie bb115 Building-with-logs This revised and expanded edition has been eagerly awaited. One of the few  books on the market we're aware of that explains the shrink-to-fit saddle notch corner system.
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  • Crafting Log Homes Solar Style

    bb126-bldg-log-solar Rex and Yvonne Ewing A down to earth guide to building solar-powered log homes, complete with how-to illustrations and photos plus enlightening profiles of log home owners across the country using solar power and/or living off the grid.
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  • How to Afford Your Own Log Home

    Save 25% Without Lifting a Log (5th Edition) by Carl Heldman bb135 How to Afford Your Own Log Home Completely updated. Tells you everything you need to know to get the log home of your dreams at an affordable price.
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  • Log Building Construction Manual – REVISED

    by Robert Chambers bb138 Log Construction Manual - Revised 2016 Considered to be the most up to day instructional book that explains many of the more technical points of handcrafted log work in a scribed fit, natural taper log style.
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  • Log Home Secrets of Success

    bb149-secrets Log Home Secrets of Succes Takes you from dreaming of a log home to actually building and living comfortably in one.
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  • Log Homes Made Easy

    Contracting and Building Your Own Log Home
    by Jim Cooper

    bb140 Log Homes Made Easy

    One of the most popular owner-builder books. Walks you through the actual construction process.  Now in its 3rd edition.

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  • Log Span Tables

    Log Span Tables for Floor Joists, Beams and Roof Support Systems A technical, pocket-sized book full of calculations for round logs. bb150log-span
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  • The Classic Hewn Log Home

    The Classic Hewn Log Home, by Charles McRaven #bb110 The Classic Hewn Log Home Focusing on the hewn face, dovetail corner, chinked style of building,
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  • The Owner Built House Living in Harmony with your Environment

    by B. Allan Mackie. bb157-Owner Built House - Revised Edition Allan Mackie's newest book. Allan Mackie believes - and demonstrates in this book - that attitude is at least as important as carpentry skills.
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  • The Woodland House

    bb120-woodland-house by Ben Law 2nd edition which includes the 7 year update. Voted 'Best Ever Build' on Grand Designs TV program in the UK.
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  • The Woodland Year

    bb121-woodland-year Ben Law From the author of 'The Woodland House' comes this book full of coppicing crafts, tempting woodland receipes (how about Bilberry Pancakes?), timber framing, eco-building, nature conservation, species diversity...it's all here.
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