Bulk Loading Guns

We carry a variety of Albion Caulk, Chink and Sealant application ‘guns’.

Look HERE for a youtube video on how to load the bulk loading guns from a bucket.

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  • Manual Bulk Loading gun

    Albion Bulk Loading Gun cc0002-Gun-Deluxe (DL-59-T13) Use this Albion 1 quart (30 ounce), bulk loading gun to apply chinking or caulking from 5 gallon containers.
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  • Air bulk loading gun. Quart size

    Albion Air Powered Bulk Loading Gun cc0002-Air-Bulk-Gun  DL-59-T13A DL-59-T13A...Albion, Air-powered drive discharges material at high-speed and large volume for quick, efficient work.
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  • Albion Teflon Lined Bulk Loading Gun

    Albion teflon lined bulk loading gun Same as our Manual Bulk Loading Gun above but Teflon® Industrial Coating on the inside of the barrel means smoother dispensing and faster cleanup.
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  • Albion teflon lined Air bulk loading gun

    Albion Air Powered Teflon lined Bulk Loading Gun cc0002-Air-Bulk-Gun  DL-59-T23A DL-59-T23A Albion air-powered drive discharges material at high-speed and large volume.
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  • Piston Replacement kit for Albion gun

    cc0002-Piston Kits Replacement Piston Kits for Albion Manual and Air Bulk loading guns shown above. With use, these piston cups/kits wear out.
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  • Reducer

    • Reducer adapts plastic industrial nozzles (383-series) to Albion standard bulk/sausage guns with 426-G01 front cap.
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