Many wood finishes and wood sealers can use the added benefit of extra mildewcide, insecticides…it all depends on the local circumstances.

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  • M-1 Mildewcide

    M-1 Mildewcide Paint Additive lf0032-M1
    • Prevents mildew growth on the surface of the wood stain
    • Can be used interior and exterior


    $7.99$19.99 Details/Purchase
  • Mildew-X

    Mildew-X LF0032-MX Mildew-X is a revolutionary paint additive designed to control the growth of mold and mildew on the dried paint film ... NATURALLY!
    $3.99$232.00 Details/Purchase
  • Bee-gone – 8 oz Size

    Bee Gone lf0032-Bee-Gone - 8 oz size Bee Gone™ is an EPA registered Pyretheroid insecticide which is applied in water to wooden structural surfaces on the exterior of the home. Bee Gone controls Carpenter Bees and many other wood-destroying insects. Not available in NY.
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  • Bug Juice

    lf0032-BJ Bug-Juice is an insecticide paint additive that is designed to kill flying and crawling insects that alight on most interior and all exterior surfaces.
    $13.95$49.95 Details/Purchase
  • NBS 30

    lf0032-nbs30 NBS 30 bug repellent is designed for use in exterior coatings. It will deter and inhibit insects from burrowing through or crawling on exterior coatings, including Stink Bugs, Box Elder Beetles, Ants, cockroaches, beetles, mites, spiders, fleas, ticks, silverfish, dirt daubers, bees and wasps.
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  • Lifeline UV Boost

    lf0032-uv-boost Lifeline UV Boost is a concentrated water-based liquid stain additive that contains a new technology ultraviolet light inhibitor.
    $11.95$28.95 Details/Purchase
  • Stay Clean Mildewcide

    Stay Clean Mildewcide lf0032-mildewcide-sc This product is no longer manufactured...A victim of the Trade Wars I believe. We now carry  Mildew-X which is eco friendly and made by the same folks who made the Stay-Clean. We also carry M-1 that works is all finishes (always read the data sheets)

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