Oakum can be used between the logs to seal out the elements…and in traditional wooden boat building…and some plumbing with caste iron pipes…placed in the control joints in concrete (we’ve heard both vertical and horizontal)…lots of uses.

Made of Natural Fibre Jute, The ‘Oiled’ is treated with Bentonite (a naturally occuring mineral often used in sealing ponds), and heavy weight oil to resist water infiltration, while the ‘Dry’ is nothing but Burlap (though I’ve heard they add just enough oil to keep the dust down).

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    Dry Oakum

    Dry Oakum is quite different from the oiled...here there is only a light 'wetting' of oil to keep the dust down. cc0014-Oakum-Dry
    $7.95 - $407.95 $7.95 - $199.00 Details/Purchase
  • Oiled Oakum

    Oiled Oakum can be used between the logs, in traditional log home building, to seal out the elements...and in traditional wooden boat building...and some plumbing with caste iron pipes... cc0014-oakum-oiled
    $7.95$384.45 Details/Purchase

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