Bulk Loading Gun DL-59-T13


Albion bulk loading gun dl-59-t13

Precursor to the T17 bulk loading gun. This is the one that many of you have used in the past.


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Albion bulk loading gun dl-59-t13

Albion Special Deluxe Bulk Loading Gun

  • Heavy duty 5/16″ square drive rod, driven by a pair of hardened steel grip plates
  • Rotating 30oz (18″ long) steel barrel for convenience and durability
  • Comfortable epoxy coated handle
  • Double set of oiled leather pistons stiffened by a trio of steel washers for reliable suction during loading and dispensing
  • Threaded steel front cap
  • Consider adding a  Conical ejector for more complete dispensing 29-G28.
  • Gun Length: Empty: 27.5″, Full : 44.5″
  • 30oz. capacity
  • 2″ barrel

This is the precursor to the DL-59-t17. The T17 comes with 3 orange cones and a ring cap to accommodate such, where as this T13 has a metal end cap and metal 1/2″ nozzle.

Use this gun with the Follow Plates, Or the Loading Sleeve to keep the sides of the gun clean during “loading” of the chinking.

Extra Piston kits and information can also be found HERE

Additional Nozzles here!

Made in Taiwan.



How to maintain your bulk caulking gun

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