WoodEpox Wood Filler

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WoodEpox Wood Epoxy Filler

WoodEpox wood filler is a shrink-free wood replacement compound that can be used in any thickness to replace and repair wood. It can be painted, stained, sanded and worked like wood.



WoodEpox Wood Epoxy Filler

is a light-weight structural adhesive putty system and wood substitute consisting of 2 components:

  • resin paste (A)
  • hardener paste (B)

Not all Wood Epoxy is considered structural. When Abatron Wood Epox parts A and B are mixed, the blend hardens within 1-2 hours into a lighter-than-water non-shrinking, tough adhesive mass with high dimensional stability, chemical, water, heat and weather resistance.
Its appearance is a light neutral color (off white), or a Light Tan, both can be changed, while mixing, with stains, dyes or pigments.
It has a no-slump paste consistency that allows it to be applied like putty to fill gaps, holes, or to build up virtually any thickness and shape.


  • Bonds permanently with high strength to most rigid surfaces
  • Fills cracks, holes and voids of any size without the shrinking and crumbling typical of common wood fillers
  • Can be sawed, nailed, planed, sanded and machined like wood

Paste Wood Epoxy (WoodEpox®) is for filling, adding and building up.
Liquid Wood Epoxy (LiquidWood®) is for penetrating and solidifying punky areas and can be used as a prep for     WoodEpox®.

WoodEpox is now available in either ‘off white’ or ‘light pine’ (handy for doing exposed log restoration). There are also powdered pigments in several colors that can be used to ‘colorize’ the Wood Epox to better match the surrounding wood.

NOTE: 2 pints/quarts/gallons means 1 part of each A & B for  two parts total…e.g. 2 pints is 1 pint of A and 1 pint of B, once mixed together they start a chemical reaction that becomes warm to the touch and are then ready to use.

NOTE: Wood Epox sets up best when the wood is dry and the temperature is above 50 degrees. Below 50, you need to warm of the area to be treated (hair dryer?), and store the Wood Epox at room temperature. Below 32 degrees you’ll need to use the cold weather version which is expensive and ships under a hazardous shippers tag…better to wait for the weather to improve.

NOTE: Wood Epox is light, fairly dry, slightly crumbly. When mixing A & B parts together, work over a table or some such where you can pick up and re-incorporate the pieces. If you want to moisten it a bit…add some Liquid Wood or Isopropol Alcohol.

Wood Restoration

Structural data

WoodEpox® technical data sheet

MSDS for WoodEpox®

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