Sashco Symphony Clear Interior

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Sashco Symphony Clear Interior

  • Enhances natural wood grain
  • Smooth finish makes walls easy to clean
  • Available in Satin or Gloss



Sashco Symphony Clear Interior

Sashco Symphony Clear Interior is formulated to be compatible with all of our chinking and sealant products. Other interior clear products may have additives that will cause problems with adhesion of these products. Symphony is also formulated to be more flexible than many interior clears to better handle the movement that typically occurs in logs.

Most importantly, Symphony makes keeping your logs clean EASY. The smooth finish helps repel some dust and makes cleaning off any dust that does settle quick and simple.

  • Enhances natural wood grain
  • Smooth finish makes walls easy to clean
  • Use alone or over High Sierra or Sashco’s Capture Log Stain
  • Use on all vertical wood surfaces
  • Water-based – easy to apply and clean up
  • Freeze-thaw stable


250 sq. ft. for first coat.
450 sq. ft. for 2nd coat.


New Wood
If you’ve decided to keep your logs natural looking and only want to apply Sashco Symphony Clear Interior to bare wood, best results are obtained if you sand the wood to a smooth finish with fine sandpaper. Be certain to remove all dust before finishing. Do not use steel wool; it may cause rust stains. For a smoother finish, sand between coats.

Finished Wood
Compatibility is a huge issue, so logs that already have some type of stain or sealer on them will need to be tested for compatibility; call us and we will talk you through the testing procedure. For best adhesion to non Sashco coatings, it is usually best to lightly sand the surface before applying Symphony. Old finishes may need to be mechanically removed if a lighter appearance is desired.

Do not dilute. Stir thoroughly before using. Do not shake as this will cause foaming.

Application Methods
Brush or spray on two or more coats. More coats will impart a higher sheen. If brushing, use a high-quality synthetic bristle brush, such as Purdy® brand. Back brushing after spraying will enhance penetration into the wood surface. Brush material in the direction of the grain. Do not over-brush (bubbles can form). Sand between coats for a smoother finish.

Dry Time
Sashco Symphony Clear Interior will dry to touch in one hour and can be sanded after two hours (when the air is warm and dry). Re-coating can be done after 1-2 hours. Allow wood that will be handled to dry overnight. Actual dry time depends on thickness of coats, temperature and humidity.


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