Misc. Chainsaw Attachments

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  • Simpson Capstan winch for chainsaws

    Simpson Rope Winch for chainsaws ca0055-cs Simpson Model CS capstan rope winch attaches to your chain saw and uses low stretch polyester rope instead of wire cable.
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  • Lewis Winch Direct Drive Multi Drill

    Lewis Multi Drill - Direct Drive Version ca0070-multi-drill-direct Lewis Multi Direct Drive is for chainsaws with an 'outbound' sprocket.
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  • Lewis Multi Drill – Universal Mount

    Lewis Multi Drill - Universal Mount ca0070-multi-drill Lewis Multi Drill. Originally marketed as the Cannon Tree Planter, thousands of these chainsaw drills have been sold all over the world for use in soil, ice and wood.
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  • Lewis Multi Drill accessories

    Lewis Multi Drill Accessories ca0070-multi-drill-acc Lewis Multi Drill has several optional accessories available
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