Woodboring Auger Bits

Long Woodboring Auger Bits are a specialty of ours. We stock several types…Irwin, NW, Eliminator, Penetrator, Chasen…in lengths up to 60″” and widths from 1/2″ to 1-1/2″”.

Custom sizes by special order…Contact Us

NOTE: Here’s a handy tip: Did you get the long auger bit stuck? It’s best to ‘unstick’ by using a pipe wrench rather than the drill. Regular ‘cleaning’ of the hole helps reduce the possibility of this happening.

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  • Carbide Tipped Auger Bits

    Carbide Tipped Auger Bit
    Carbide Tipped Wood Bits st0095-CT-carbide These long Carbide-Tipped Wood Auger Bits are among the toughest in the industry!  A carbide-tipped cutting tip combined with a hardened steel cutting edge allows you to bore holes in even the hardest of "Green Woods" quickly, leaving little residue. Lengths to 48"
    $80.65$266.95 Details/Purchase
  • NW Wood Auger Bit

    NW Wood Auger Bit st0095-NW NW long wood auger bits are available up to 60" in length and designed to drill through several logs or beams at once for making electrical chases, drilling through-bolt chases, drilling truss pieces, stair treads, etc.
    $142.95$243.95 Details/Purchase
  • Eliminator long carbide tipped Auger Bit

    Eliminator Long Auger Bit st0095-BA-Eliminator The "ELIMINATOR" long wood auger bits comes equipped with a standard general purpose lead screw, a carbide cutter, a hardened steel cutting spur, and a single hollow flute body milled from a single piece of alloy steel for strength.
    $51.95$257.95 Details/Purchase
  • Penetrator Auger Bit

    Penetrator Auger Bit st0095-Long-Auger-Penetrator The PENETRATOR™ wood boring drill bit drills faster than ordinary steel auger bits.
    $77.95$226.95 Details/Purchase
  • Irwin 29″ auger bit

    st0097-irwin-29 Irwin Power Drill Wood Auger bits are considered the standby long wood auger bit. Good production and durability. Irwin is 2nd from left in picture.
    $76.64 - $133.32 $59.95 - $87.95 Details/Purchase
  • Long drill bit extension

    Extension shown on right
    st0095-ext Long drill bit extensions are available in 2', 3', and 4' lengths.
    $58.95$79.95 Details/Purchase

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