Oakum – Dry

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Dry Oakum

Dry Oakum is quite different from the oiled…here there is only a light ‘wetting’ of oil to keep the dust down.



Dry Oakum

Dry Oakum is quite different from the oiled…here there is only jute roving and a trace of water…Often used in fire starter kits for Scouts and Hunters. Used for caulking around windows and doors, sealing pipes and sealing expansion joints in driveways and pavements.

Dry Oakum is available in:

  • +/- 1 lb. bag…6 pieces 27″ cut length, approximately 1″” in diameter
  • 5 (approximately)…This is about 28 “ropes” running approximately 1′ x 27″…actual count can vary with the density or tightness of the twist in the rope.
  • 100′ box…which is…
    1. Approximately 100′ of 2-1/4 inch diameter oakum
    2. Which is made up of  7 strands of 3/4″ diameter with a twist every 18″ or so
    3. Which can be untwisted into approximately 4 1/4″ strands…again, the number of small strands can vary by the weight they’re attempting to achieve

NOTE: Weights and quantities are approximate…they come as packaged from the factory and might vary a bit in weight…the 100′ box is around 45lbs.

NOTE: Oakum is rarely visible when installed. However, for those working on unusual projects, some folks feel there is a bit of a deep dark green tint to the stuff…leans more toward the brown tints than the oiled as you can tell in the image.



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