Epoxy for Wood

Abatron Brand of Wood Epoxies is specified by U.S. Government agencies, state and national restoration centers, museums, architects and other professionals.
Both LiquidWood® and WoodEpox® represent the greatest advance in wood restoration history.

  • Epoxies give new life to rotted, severely damaged wood, and are the only hope for parts that cannot be replaced because of size, shape or artistic reasons.
  • Restored pieces are fully functional and often stronger and more durable than the original.
  • WoodEpox® repairs are permanent.
  • Both WoodEpox® and Liquidwood® are GreenGuard® Certified:
    GREENGUARD® certified products are third-party tested and found to contain very low levels of chemical emissions.

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  • LiquidWood Epoxy

    LiquidWood Epoxy crp0015-lw LiquidWood® (Liquid Epoxy), is a deep penetrating wood consolidant that regenerates and waterproofs rotted, dried-out or spongy wood. It restores structural strength and durability to wood fibers.
    $39.95 - $179.95 $38.95 - $177.95 Details/Purchase
  • Pigments for use with WoodEpox® and other paste type epoxies.

    crp0016-pigment Pigments are available for mixing into the WoodEpox® mixture to allow you to approximate the color of the surrounding wood.  
    $4.45$23.95 Details/Purchase
  • Plunger set for LiquidWood®


    Very convenient for dispensing a fluid ounce of LiquidWood® (A) or (B) with each depression. Fits oblong gallon containers. One pair of pumps per pack.

    NOTE: Plungers only fit the gallon and quart size LiquidWood® containers. The Pints are too small for the length of the plungers.

    $9.95 Product Details
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  • Wood Restoration Kit

    crp0015-restoration-kit Use on windowsills and frames, columns, doors, moldings, clapboards, balustrades, furniture and anywhere wood is in need of strengthening and repair. The products are easy to use.
    $39.95 - $121.50 $37.95 - $121.50 Details/Purchase
  • WoodEpox Wood Filler

    WoodEpox Wood Filler crp0015-we WoodEpox wood filler is a shrink-free wood replacement compound that can be used in any thickness to replace and repair wood. It can be painted, stained, sanded and worked like wood.
    $39.95 - $168.90 $37.95 - $166.95 Details/Purchase

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