1/4 Pitch Sprockets

We’re discontinuing selling bars, chains, sprockets…so when they’re gone, they’re gone. Check back in as we continue to discount the prices on remaining stock.

Spur Sprockets (above left) can be found at This Page.

Rim Sprockets (above right)…also called ‘Center Rim’ or ‘Floating Rim’ allow the ‘free floating’ Rim sprocket to better align with the saw chain…thus, it’s a preferred method when available.

Please Note:

We’ve discontinued researching sprockets and cutting chain. We’re absolutely slammed and unable to find the time to do them.

Please don’t call in requesting exceptions. We simply don’t have the time.  We apologize for this major inconvenience.

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  • 1/4 pitch kit for Arborist saws

    Husqvarna Arborist Saw Kit ca0006-1/4kit-arborist 1/4 pitch conversion kit for Husqvarna Arborist size chainsaws...including the 334, 335, 336, 338xp and the 339.
    $45.52 Product Details
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  • 1/4 pitch rim style sprocket

    1/4 pitch rim style sprocket ca0021-1/4-rim 1/4 pitch rim sprockets are used for carving with medium to medium small chainsaws.
    $5.95 Details/Purchase
  • 1/4 pitch sprocket to fit the Makita 5012b electric chainsaw

    1/4 pitch sprocket for Makita 5012b

    $13.99 Product Details
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  • Chainsaw 1/4 pitch spur sprocket

    Chainsaw 1/4 pitch spur sprocket 1/4 pitch SPUR SPROCKETS are made of high grade steel which is specially heat treated for extra long life and wear. ca0021-1/4-sprocket
    $0.00 - $19.95 $0.00 - $5.00 Details/Purchase

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