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  • bb101   Barns and Outbuildings and How to Build Them Barns and Outbuildings and How to Build Them was first published in 1881 and includes a wealth of designs for barns, animal pens, granaries and more.
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  • bb206   Build Your Own Earth Oven 3rd ed. "The definitive book on how to build an adobe oven." Many readers have taken it's practical and creative advice to build their own ovens, bread-businesses -- and even their own earthen homes! "Empowering." Over 75,000 copies in print.  
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  • bb415   Low-Cost Pole Building Construction - SLIGHTLY DAMAGED This book will save you money, time, labor and materials when building a small home, barn or other structure in the 'pole' building style.  
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  • bb460   Understanding Wood, A Craftsman's Guide to Wood Technology In this essential reference for woodworkers, R. Bruce Hoadley explains everything from how trees grow to how best to cut, season, machine, join, bend, and finish wood.
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  • bb470   Wood and How to Dry It Learn how to buy, dry, store and mill timber. This text explains which species are good for which jobs and how to design joints that accommodate wood's seasonal swelling and shrinking.
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