Transformation ‘Log and Timber’ Stain

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Sashco Transformation Log and Timber (plant) Oil Based Stain

is formulated with resins based on renewable resources… giving it an honorable mention in the “Green Home and Lifestyle Awards”.

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Transformation ‘Log and Timber’ Stain

Transformation Log and Timber is a resin (plant oil) based finish.

You want Transformation  ‘Log & Timber’ Stain® when you know that not just any stain will do. Log homes undergo incredible daily movement and endure extreme weather conditions. Sashco made a premium stain that can stretch, move and protect the logs of your dream home. And it wouldn’t be premium if the final look was anything less than amazing.

Features of Transformation ‘Log and Timber’ Stain

  • Shows the wood grain
  • Chemically compatible with a wide range of stains
  • Oil-based
  • More open time
  • Compatible with all Sashco caulking and chinking products
  • Exquisite Color Portfolio
  • Mineral spirits cleanup


  • Show off the logs. Don’t hide them.
  • The go-to stain when you are not sure what stain was previously on the house.
  • Creates a beautifully clear finish and provides excellent protection.
  • More working time helps avoid lap marks.
  • Select from colors that were meant to be on log homes and skip the confusing names.


Logs and Timbers


1st Coat: 150-200 sq.ft./gal
2nd Coat: 300-500 sq.ft./gal.

Dry Time:
The first coat of Transformation ‘Log and Timber’ Stain should be allowed to thoroughly dry for 24 hours (possibly longer in cold
and/or humid weather). Once thoroughly dry, follow with a lighter second coat. If desired, apply a third coat
for a higher gloss. (The first coat will soak in and appear somewhat flat. The second coat should only be applied once the first coat is thoroughly dry in order to ensure proper film formation and UV.


  • Resin (Oil based)… is different from Petroleum based oils…these are plant based oils e.g. linseed, safflower and tung oils).
  • Resins dry slower than water based finishes. Expect 24 hours under average conditions (70 degrees, 60% humidity), to dry to the touch. Then an additional week to fully cure.
  • It’s okay to chink or caulk during the curing process…supposedly it helps the finish and chinking to bond to one another.
  • lf0026-Transformation-Log & Timber


Applying Transformation after cleaning

Transformation Log and Timber info

Transformation MSDS

Transformation Log & Timber 'Flex Tint' Information

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