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Most of these Wood Cleaners are some version of ‘Oxygenated Bleach’..e.g. sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate, sodium carbonate…you get the idea. Chemically, it is like a solid form of hydrogen peroxide which releases oxygen when water is added. It is made by treating sodium carbonate (baking powder) with hydrogen peroxide!

Oxygenated bleach cleaners are best for removing dirt and mold, but will not remove stains made by iron and tannin (more common in cedar and redwood decks…sometimes Douglas Fir). For these stains, (black in color), use a cleaner with oxalic acid…such as ‘Wood Brightener‘.

Iron stains can look like mold, so if you clean with oxygen bleach, and it doesn’t come out, it’s probably an iron or tannin stain.

Oxygen bleach has many uses including, treating fruits and vegetables, killing bacteria and treating stains, brightening laundry…and for our uses, cleaning and brightening wood. Oxygen bleach is also non-toxic and environmentally safe.

We’ve moved the PermaChink Log and Wood Wash and the Cedar Wash to their own category as they’re not an oxygenated bleach…they’re a more gentle ‘maintenance cleaner’…a bit like using liquid dish soap on the dishes.

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  • CPR log cleaner and brightener

    CPR log cleaner and brightener crp0005-cpr
    • Oxygenated bleach cleaner and brightener
    • Gentle on wood
    Original price was: $30.49.Current price is: $27.89. Details/Purchase
  • Wood Renew Cleaner

    Wood Renew Cleaner

    Wood ReNew is a biodegradable percarbonate-based wood cleaner that cleans and brightens grayed and weathered wood. Use it to return wood to its original natural color before applying any of our quality wood finishes. crp0005-Wood-Renew
    $0.00$98.99 Details/Purchase

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