Timberframe Pegs

Timberframe Pegs

Canadians…READ THIS PLEASE…We get several orders a week for peg orders to Canada…95% of them are cancelled once they get the shipping cost…(often as much as the peg order…or more). If you’re going to place an order…be advised the ship cost will be high and we’d like a response asap  so we can either ship or cancel out of the system.

Wood used in Timberframe pegs is selected with as linear and clear a grain as possible.  This reduces the likelihood of breakage.

  • Straight pegs and double chamfered are turned approximately 10 thousandths  oversize, (that’s a bit less than 1/64″”).
  • Double chamfered pegs have a decorative 45 degree chamfer on either end.
  • Tapered pegs are 1/64″” over the measurement, tapered to 1/64″” under.
  • Drawbore pegs are like tapered pegs, but the first 3″” is sharply tapered to 5/8″” diameter.

Used By:

  • Timber Framers for joining the pieces of their frames together
  • Log Builders in building traditional log trusses
  • To hold one log to another in a log wall stack
  • In kit log construction they are sometimes used at the point where two logs are spliced together to form a longer run…helps to both hold in place and as a air and bug infiltration barrier.
  • Traditional wooden boat builders use them in a variety of applications.

These pegs are made of air-dried hardwoods…most commonly  Red Oak…some builders prefer White Oak or Black Locust…particularly for exterior uses as they have a bit more rot resistance, and may switch to Red Oak for interior use as it’s a bit more pliable. We sell more Red Oak than the other options.


  • Wooden pegs should be stored in a cool dry place as they can shrink or swell depending upon the humidity in your area.
  • Drill bits can vary in size. Therefore, some builders have an assortment of bits. They drill test holes before using the pegs so they can match the bit to the pegs on hand.
  • For those of you using the 1″” Wood Owl…you’ll find it’s actually 25mm and slightly undersized for these pegs. We can custom order 25mm pegs…it can sometimes take several weeks and they’re non-returnable.
  • 3/4″ pegs are close to 19mm, thus you can use a 3/4″ peg with the 19mm Wood Owl.
  • If you’re working with hard woods, such as White Oak or occasionally Douglas Fir, some builders prefer to use a tapered peg.
  • Pegs are coated with wax (e.g. put into a large tumbler with several blocks of wax and slow tumbled until they’re totally coated with a light coating of wax. It will look slightly shiny). They can still expand/contract a bit with the humidity over time…thus the suggestion to have a few different brands of drill bits in your arsenal.
    Contact Us if you need a special size, specie, profile…remember custom peg orders can take several weeks…plan accordingly…Remember…International shipments are often more for the shipping than the cost of the product…plan accordingly.

Showing all 5 results

  • Timber Frame pegs – 8″

    Timberframe pegs 8" Hardwood pegs are available air-dried in your choice of Red Oak or White Oak hdw0065-pegs-8
    $0.83$1.05 Details/Purchase
  • Timber Framing pegs -10″

    Timber Framing pegs - 10" Timber framing pegs are available in air-dried hardwood, your choice of Red Oak, White Oak or Black Locust hdw0065-pegs-10
    $0.90$1.16 Details/Purchase
  • Timber Frame pegs – 12″

    Timber Frame pegs - 12" hdw0065-pegs-12 12" Hardwood Timber Frame pegs are available in your choice of Red Oak, White Oak or Black Locust
    $0.98$1.29 Details/Purchase
  • Longer than 12″ Timber Frame pegs

    Long Timber Frame pegs hdw0065-Pegs-Long Timber Frame Pegs:
    • are available in 14', 16", and 18" lengths.
    • Red Oak...Straight (bevel in starter end)
    • Lightly Waxed
    $1.43$1.85 Details/Purchase
  • Drawbore Pegs

    hdw-0065-drawbore-pegs Available in Red Oak Lengths of 12" and 15" available
    $1.30$1.75 Details/Purchase

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