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We’re no longer selling saw chain for the season…just too dang busy to do it efficiently. We’re leaving the basic information here so we can (hopefully), reactivate and sell come late Fall.

We do carry the pre-drilled bars and cutterless chain to fit the Log Wizards.

Saw chain can be frustrating to order. After all, you want to get to “workin”, not have to stop and figure out stuff like pitch, gauge, # of drivers and all the other particulars that go into putting together the best package for your needs. We’re trying to make this section a bit less painful, so settle down and get to reading. For those of you new to the subject you might just learn a thing or two. For those in the know, you just might catch a mistake or three. (and I’m sure will be more than happy to let me know about it). . . 🙂

When ordering saw chain you will need to know the pitch and gauge of your saw chain. This is normally specified by stating the pitch first, then the gauge, (e.g. 3/8-pitch 050-gauge is shown as 3/8 050).

It also helps if you know the number of cutters or drivers as different brands/models of saw can have the same “call size” to the  bar yet use a different length chain. (drivers are the part of the chain the passes around the saw sprocket, thus “driving” the chain. It also travels in the groove in the bar and keeps the chain from falling off the bar…..ah usually). Another way to think of the drivers is this…hold up a loop of chain, it looks a bit like a sharks tooth necklace doesn’t it? Only the sharks’ teeth are on the inside of the necklace (e.g. loop) and we call them drivers or drive links.

Note: Currently, we only carry chain in the 050 gauge. (with the exception of ripping chain which we have in 050, 058, and 063 gauge). This is the most common for small and medium sized saws which are used in log building and Chain Saw carving. Be careful with some of the smaller saws. They may (rarely) come with .043 gauge which isn’t quite wide enough of a groove for the 050 gauge chain to travel in.

Click here to determine the pitch and gauge of your saw chain.

Note: All saw chain is inherently dangerous to operator and bystanders. “Kickback” has been known to throw a saw 20′ over and behind the saw operator. (if the operator was lucky enough not to catch the recoiling saw full on).

Many of the chains we carry for carving are purposely provided without the safety guard link that is common on consumer chain. This allows for a more aggressive cut and is generally preferred by log builders, chainsaw carvers, and others using a saw for other than consumer purposes.

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