Chainsaw 1/4 pitch spur sprocket


Chainsaw 1/4 pitch spur sprocket

1/4 pitch SPUR SPROCKETS are made of high grade steel which is specially heat treated for extra long life and wear.


Chainsaw 1/4 pitch spur sprocket

We no longer sell these through the website. We’ve posted the remaining stock at ebay…at a substantial discount.

1/4 pitch SPUR SPROCKETS are made of high grade steel which is specially heat treated for extra long life and wear.

  • Precision manufacturing results in true pitch and roundness.
  • Sprocket teeth mate exactly with the drive links to minimize chain wear and chatter and assure that the chain flows smoothly onto the bar.
  • For longer sprocket life, it is recommended that you use new chains with a new sprocket. (and touch up or replace your existing 1/4 pitch bar).

Find out whether your saw has a 1/4 pitch Spur Sprocket available HERE, then choose the sprocket series from the list to order above.

Note: Some saws need a special clutch removal tool to change out the sprocket. We have attempted to note this when appropriate. (We’ll add to the list as we find out about other cases).
Additionally, the sprocket that is currently on your saw, occasionally has an inner bearing that is an integral part of the sprocket and you may find you need a sprocket bearing.

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