Finish & Stain Removers

We currently offer 3 products in this Class.

  • Clear Strip…Gel type that can remove several layers in one action…including paints.
  • DEFY Wood Stain Stripper…removes most oil and latex (water based) finishes.
  • S-100…Gel type, water based solvent that removes many oil and water based finishes.

Deciding which Finish Remover/Stripper to use is a daunting task.

  • Clear Strip seems to be the one for multiple coats, and has a modest pint size to testing at not much expense.
  • DEFY if likely the least expensive, thus it may be the one to try first.
  • S-100 offers a fairly generous sample for the cost of shipping



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  • S-100 Finish Remover

    S-100 Finish Remover crp0001-s100 S-100 Finish Remover is an environmentally friendly water-based solvent that removes many oil and water-borne finishes from logs, siding, and decks.
    $0.00$211.09 Details/Purchase
  • Clearstrip by Abatron

    Clearstrip by Abatron crp0001-abatron-stripper Environmentally safe paint remover designed to remove multiple layers in one action.
    $19.35 - $233.70 $18.96 - $229.03 Details/Purchase
  • DEFY Wood Stain Stripper

    DEFY Wood Stain Stripper crp0001-defy-stripper DEFY Exterior Wood Stain Stripper is a biodegradable, ready-to-use liquid that quickly removes worn finishes to restore wood surfaces.
    $29.95 Product Details
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