Irwin 29″ auger bit

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Irwin 29″ Drill Bit

ST0097-Irwin Drill Bit 29″

Irwin Power Drill Wood Auger bits are considered the standby long wood auger bit. Good production and durability.

Irwin is 2nd from left in picture.


Irwin 29″ Drill Bit

Power Drill Power Pole Auger Bits Features:

  • Power pole auger bits are a Single spur, cutter, and side lip design bore through creosoted poles without clogging, binding, or stopping to clear chips…(use common sense here, if you feel it start to ‘hangup’, then clear the hole by reversing the bit).
  • Extra-long twist is ideal for boring large poles, construction timbers, and for multiple timber applications
  • All bits feature 7/16″ adaptable hex shank; simply remove it to use round shank
  • Full-length heat treatment guards against bending in heavy-duty applications and strengthens the twist where the greatest strain occurs
  • Bit can be resharpened
  • Medium-fast screw point ideal for general woodboring applications
  • 24″ flute length
  • 29″ overall

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