Carbide Tipped Wood Auger Bits – 48″

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Carbide Tipped Wood Auger Bits – 48″

These long Carbide-Tipped Wood Auger Bits are among the toughest in the industry!  A carbide-tipped cutting tip combined with a hardened steel cutting edge allows you to bore holes in even the hardest of “Green Woods” quickly, leaving little residue.

ST0095 – Carbide – 48″



Carbide Tipped Wood Auger Bits – 48″

Carbide-tipped cutting tip combined with a hardened steel cutting edge allows this Auger Bit to bore holes in all types of wood quickly, leaving little or no residue.

Similar to the Eliminator carbide tipped auger bit, which are no longer made, these Carbide Tipped Wood Auger Bits leave a clean, smooth hole. Requires less torque to operate and can be used with electric, air, hydraulic or gasoline powered drill motors and impact wrenches.  The carbide cutter is brazed onto the steel body and the hardened steel cutting edge can be sharpened.  The lead screw, shank, and carbide cutter are replaceable allowing the Auger Bit to be completely rebuilt.

  • Carbide tip allows auger to bore holes in hardwood
  • Aggressive screw pitch for fast drilling
  • Wide flutes assist with maximum chip removal
  • 7/16 shank
  • Hollow flute style

Carbide Tipped Wood Auger Bits are considered to be a ‘above water level’ bit…go figure. For under water we have few of the Penetrator. 

We carry these up to 1-1/16″ in diameter with the 7/16″ hex shaft…Larger diameters are usually special order as are the 5/8″ hex shank that needs a 3/4″ chuck/drill to use.
Most of these bits have no warranty if used with a 7/16″ hex shank…(in other words, get the 5/8″ hex shank shaft if you have the capability)…That said, the only problems usually encountered seem to be when drilling non-stop without clearing the hole of chips now and again.
Contact Us and we can check availability.

ST0095 – Carbide – 48″


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