Building With Logs- by B Allan Mackie

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B. Allan Mackie was the first qualified teacher ever to bring log construction studies into regular classrooms. These DVD’s are a culmination of years of teaching.



B. Allan Mackie has spent the last several years creating his own 9-part series of information-packed instructional videos designed for the serious builder. Narrated by Allan himself, they contain everything you need to know to construct your own state-of-the-art log buildings.

Very comprehensive and well produced series from the man who revived handcrafted log building in the 1970’s.
Used by many of the log building schools and the roof system videos are great for those just progressing into truss and roof work.

Available as a set or individually.

  • VHS set is 9 tapes (and being discontinued, thus we only have selected volumes left)
  • DVD set is 9 discs

Please NOTE: VHS…what we have listed is all there is…none made any more. As such we’re offering what’s left at ‘Really Good Pricing’.

  • # 1: Introduction
    Course overview
    Outline of off-site courses
    Safety in log handling, tools, equipment and chain saw   operation
  • # 2: Tools & Terms
    Shows you what type of tools you will need and how to use them.
    Log building terms that you will need to know.
  • # 3: House Start
    Show you how to prepare your building site
    How to set up temporary and permanent foundations.
  • # 4: Basic Building
    Two main parts to this video:
    1. Short course on how to practice cutting notches
    2. How to position, scribe and cut a wall log.
  • # 5: Other Notches 1
    Step by step instructions for:
    Blind Dovetail Notch
    Lock Notch
    Square Notch.
  • # 6: Other Notches 2
    Step by step instructions for:
    Round Notch
    Blind Wall Notch
    Dovetail Notch
    Post Notch.
  • # 7: Walls, Windows & Doors
    Basic instructions for:
    Wall construction
    Openings for windows and doors
    Instruction on how to provide for electrical access.
  • # 8: Joist & Beams / Roof Systems 1
    How to build second floors and Post and Beam roof systems.
  • # 9: Roof Systems 2
    Step by step detail on how to build roof trusses.Allan is in his late 80’s and is still writing, and recently sold a log home in Northern Ontario that he built, in large part, himself. These are great videos/dvds’s from a great builder, author (we carry lots of his books in the how-to book section), intellectual and teacher. Need we say more?


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