Simpson Capstan Winch for Chainsaws


Simpson Rope Winch for chainsaws

Simpson Model CS capstan rope winch attaches to your chain saw and uses low stretch polyester rope instead of wire cable.


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Simpson Rope Winch for chainsaws

  • Mounts to your chainsaw
  • 9 lb. weight (not including rope or chainsaw).
  • Saw must be less than 3.5 cubic inch (57cc max)…you’ll overpower the winch gears otherwise
  • Comes with 3/8″ pitch drive sprocket.
  • 2500# capacity depending on size of Chain Saw.
  • Cutterless chain included that is 25 drive links (dl) long…fits most saws…
  • For all specifications, click on the “Extras” tab.

Use the Simpson Capstan Rope winch with low stretch polyester rope instead of wire cable..  A light pull on the rope will start the winch pulling. Continue taking in rope as the winch does the work. Stop pulling and the winch stops pulling. Capstan style allows for virtually unlimited length of rope as the rope doesn’t coil onto the drum.

The Simpson rope winch can be anchored away from the load or tethered to the load with the rope secured at destination.

  • Excellent for hunting, four wheeling, pulling logs, loading a boat onto the trailer, or up a steep slope.
  • Used by rescue personnel for it’s light weight and dependability.
  • 10 year warranty for the capstan unit.
  • Comes with tethering cable.
  • Line speed varies from 22 to 42 feet per minute depending on load and motor size.You can pull loads long distances without overheating the motor or experiencing loss of pulling power. Rope is safer than cable if it breaks or snaps back.The Simpson capstan type rope winch is unique, you’re not limited to the length of cable that a drum will hold and the pulling power does not decrease as the drum fills as is the case with drum type winches. You can take up slack in the winch line or play out line, by hand, without running the winch.
  • Note: Some chainsaws have a trigger lock at the ‘mid point’ that’s used for starting the saw…often that’s the speed you can run your saw/winch at. For those saws that don’t, use a piece of velco to hold the trigger at the position you want. Idle is usually too slow and you don’t need full on either.

Information regarding low stretch polyester rope can be found HERE for Double braided and HERE for 3/8″ twisted

Chainsaw is not included…shown for clarity…


Product Specifications

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