Cannon Carving Bar

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Cannon Carving Bars

Cannon Carving bars are available with cobalt hardened tips in varying tip diameters and bar lengths.

Make-Model of Saw (optional)

An example would be Stihl MS250


Cannon Carving Bars

We’re discontinuing carving bars, chains, sprockets…just too busy to keep it organized. Check back in as the remaining bars etc. will continue to be discounted until they’re gone.
When you place the bars you’re considering into the shopping cart…you’ll then see a ‘Promo Code’ box on the shopping cart page. Enter ‘Carving Bar’ into the box to see what the current discount is.

Cannon Carving bars are available with cobalt hardened tips in:

  • Dime size (3/4″)
  • Quarter size (1″)
  • Tooney tips (1-3/8″)

and lengths from 8″ up to 20″…depending on the bar mount and tip size.

NOTE: Please read carefully…You need to know the bar mount, tip size, gauge and bar length to order a carving bar.

Bar Mount Style: You’ll see we discuss bar mounts using the ‘Oregon Chain and Bar’ nomenclature…e.g. A074, K095, D025. You can access their site to find out what type bar mount your saw has HERE. (You may have to quick ‘double click’ your back button to get back here)

Gauge: We currently stock the .050 gauge bars..and a few of the .043 gauge (gauge is the width of the groove in the bar in 1000ths of an inch)…

C1 fits most smaller Stihl saws, including the Stihl 025 and MS250…most small to mid-size Husqvarna, Poulan, Echo, Shindaiwa…A041,K041, A095, K095, A074…because these bars are ‘Universal’, you might determine that you need to file a bit in the bar mounting groove =/or oiling hole…rarely needed, however, it doesn’t affect the bar use if you do.

  • Dime tip available in 8, 12, 14, and 16″ lengths
  • Quarter tip available in 8, 12, 14, 16 and 20″ lengths
  • Toonie tip available in 14 and 16″ lengths only

H1 fits Larger Husqvarna saws. Same as Oregon D009 mount

  • Dime tip not available in H1 mount
  • Quarter tip available in 14, 16 and 20″
  • Toonie tip available in 16 and 20″ only

S1 fits the larger style Stihl saws (024, 026, 030, and up)…Same as Oregon D025 mount

  • Quarter tip available in 14 and 20″ (Contact us for one of these)

Tip Size:

  • Dime size tip works only with 1/4 pitch chain…some few carvers say they can run a 3/8lp…most disagree.
  • Quarter size tip works for 1/4, .325, or 3/8lp (lo pro) chain
  • Tooney tip will handle all 3 sizes of chain

When ordering…please include the make and model of your saw in case we notice any discrepancy between what you ordered and what you intend to use it on.

Made in Canada.

Cannon Bar Mount Guide

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