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Bora-Care concentrated Borates

BORA-CARE is glycol-borate solution specially formulated for deep penetrating into logs with a moisture content >14%.




Bora Care

BORA-CARE is specially formulated for deep penetrating into logs and heavy timbers with a moisture content >14%, providing long lasting protection..

Considered a Termiticide, Insecticide and Fungicide (decay fungi). Can kill existing infestations of termites,wood destroying beetles and carpenter ants…algae
BORA-CARE is directly applied to the wood and in return eliminates the wood as a food source. Water-soluble and contains glycol, which provides deeper penetration into the wood. By diffusing deep into wood fibers, BORA-CAREcan last for as long as wood is in service.

  • Recommended for the remedial control of powder post beetles and as the product of choice for subterranean termites supported by  the efficacy data and field study applications at Mississippi State.
  • Provides protection against Formosan termites, old house borers, and wood-destroying beetles

NOTE: Not available to homeowners in New York or Connecticut…sorry


  • Is based on a 1 to 1 dilution ration (1 gallon diluted with 1 gallon of water makes 2 gallons of diluted product)…gives you a 23% active treatment solution
  • The use of warm or hot water and an impeller type mixer used on an electric drill, aids in the dilution process.
  • Use 1:1 solutions within 24 hours. Can be applied by brush, injection, spray or roller.
  • For powder post beetles, dry wood termites and decay fungi the dilution ratio can be 5:1 (5 parts water to 1 part Bora-Care), use two applications when surface spraying (which is only used for preventative)

Application rates are calculated at a rate of 1 gallon of solution to 400 bf (board feet) of wood.

  • 6″  logs = 167 lineal feet
  • 8″  logs = 96  lineal feet
  • 10″ logs = 61 lineal feet
  • 12″ logs = 43 lineal feet

Note: For long term protection, exterior wood surfaces which have been treated with Bora-Care will require a top coating with a water resistant finish, paint or exterior stain.
Apply within six weeks of treatment.
Allow Bora-Care to cure a minimum of 2 days prior to any top coating…depending on the climate, this could be up to several weeks.

BONUS: It’s possible to earn ‘Green Points” for green-based construction program requirements



MSDA and Misc. data

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