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Bora-Care concentrated Borates

BORA-CARE is glycol-borate solution specially formulated for deep penetrating into logs with a moisture content >14%.




Bora Care

BORA-CARE is specially formulated for deep penetrating into logs and heavy timbers that have a moisture content >14%, providing long lasting protection..

Considered a Termiticide, Insecticide and Fungicide (decay fungi), Bora Care can kill existing infestations of termites,wood destroying beetles and carpenter ants…algae

BORA-CARE is directly applied to the wood and eliminates the wood as a food source. Water-soluble and contains glycol, which provides deeper penetration into the wood. By diffusing deep into wood fibers, BORA-CARE can last for as long as wood is in service.

  • Recommended for the remedial control of powder post beetles and as the product of choice for subterranean termites supported by  the efficacy data and field study applications at Mississippi State.
  • Provides protection against Formosan termites, old house borers, and wood-destroying beetles


  • A one part Bora Care added to one part water is considered ‘Remedial’Use this ratio is you’re seeing signs of carpenter ants, termites, or want to coat whatever is visible as well as possible for long term protection. …gives you a 23% active treatment solution,
    1. The use of warm or hot water and an impeller type mixer used on an electric drill, aids in the dilution process
    2. Use 1:1 solutions within 24 hours. Can be applied by brush, injection, spray or roller.
  • A one part Bora Care to 5 parts water is considered ‘Preventative”…Use this ratio when you don’t see signs of active infestation.
    1. Use two applications when surface spraying

Application rates are calculated at a rate of 1 gallon of solution to 400 bf (board feet) of wood.

Now, this can be a bit confusing…

  • If applying to existing wood siding or logs in a log home you can assume 1 gallon of your solution (either 1-1 or 1-5), will cover 400 square feet. When time allows, it’s best to put on two coats, particularly if using a hand pump garden sprayer.
  • If applying to logs in a deck where you can spray the entire circumference of the log you’ll use the following chart.
    1. 6″  logs = 167 lineal feet
    2. 8″ logs = 96  lineal feet
    3. 10″ logs = 61 lineal feet
    4. 12″ logs = 43 lineal feet

Note: For long term protection, exterior wood surfaces which have been treated with Bora-Care will require a top coating with a water resistant finish, paint or exterior stain.

  • Apply within six weeks of treatment.
  • Allow Bora-Care to cure a minimum of 2 days prior to any top coating…depending on the climate, this could be up to several weeks.

BONUS: It’s possible to earn ‘Green Points” for green-based construction program requirements

NOTE: Not available to homeowners in New York or Connecticut…sorry



MSDA and Misc. data

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