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  • A Timber Framers Workshop Joinery Design and Construction of Traditional Timber Frames

    by Steve Chappell bb301 A Timber Framer's Workshop Steve Chappel is a builder at heart and a teacher by nature. First encountering Timber Framing in 1970, he has been building, teaching and writing about the craft ever since. As founder and director of Fox Maple School of Traditional Building, Chappell has instructed hundreds of individuals over the past 15 years through hands-on workshops from Maine to California.
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  • Build a Classic Timber Framed House

    by Jack Sobon bb305 Build a Classic Timber Framed House One of the better known and more distinctive figures in the timber-framing revival, Jack Sobon knows how to make home building affordable with economical hand tools.
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  • Building the Timber Frame House The Revival of a Forgotten Craft

      Building the Timber Frame House by Tedd Benson with James Gruber. (illustrations by Jamie Page) Belongs in every timber framer's library. Short history of  timber framing and a fully illustrated discussion of the different kinds of joinery, assembly of timbers, and raising of the frame.  #bb310  
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  • The Timber Frame Home Design, Construction, Finishing

    by Tedd Benson bb320 The Timber-Frame Home Provides a comprehensive reference to timber-frame house design, written by one of the nation's foremost builders of this type of house.
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  • The Timberframe Way

    The Timberfame Way Timberframe homes--also known as post-and-beam homes--have long set the standard for integrity and elegance, and the authors of The Timberframe Way have built some of the best.  bb360  
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  • Timber Frame Construction All About Post and Beam Construction

    By Jack Sobon and Roger Schroeder bb168 Timber Frame Construction If you have only dreamed about the beauty of building with timbers, this book will open your eyes. It will convince you that this method is not only practical today for homes and other structures, but often is less expensive than "stick" building.
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  • Timber Framing for the Rest of Us

    bb324 Timber Framing for the Rest of Us Rob Roy brings insight and understanding to the importance of timber framing in natural building.
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  • Timberframe Interiors

    bb355 Timberframe Interiors Timberframe homes offer an aesthetic appeal that can be achieved with no other building style. Their grace, lightness, and ability to span big interior spaces are much like a canopy of trees over a country lane. While timberframe homes naturally evoke a country or traditional feeling,
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  • Timberframe The Art and Craft of Post and Beam

    Timberframe by Tedd Benson      Forward by Norm Abram bb321 Timberframe - Art and Craft Tedd Benson divides Timberframe: The Art and Craft of the Post-and-Beam Home into four sections--"In the Country," "On the Water," "In the Mountains," and "In Addition"--to reveal how the proud owners of timberframe dwellings strive to make those architectural elements fit their surroundings.
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