Makita 9227C variable speed sander


Makita 9227C variable speed sander

  • Variable speed (600-3000 rpm) with pre-set speed setting dial;
  • ideal for ultra slow polishing.


Makita 9227C variable speed sander

Makita 7″ Sander-Polisher

  • Variable speed (600-3000 rpm) with pre-set speed setting dial; ideal for ultra slow polishing.
  • Electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load.
  • Easily converts to a sander. 3 prong plugs to prevent static electricity accumulation.
  • Lock-on button for continuous use at one speed.
  • Use with the (optional), Osborn nylon buffing brush for removing surface borate crystals prior to application of finish or to give logs a final buffing that will remove many of the grinder marks and the ‘fuzzies’ from pressure washing. (results can be similar in look to pressure wash peeled logs)

 Makita 9227C variable speed sander comes with:

  • Hook-and-loop pad (743052-5)
  • Hex wrench (783204-6)
  • Parts Breakdown
  • Owner’s Manual

Specifications :

  • AMP 10.0
  • Spindle thread 5/8″ – 11 UNC
  • Overall length 18-1/2″

Notes on Options:

Osborn  buffing brushes are used at speeds below 2000 rpm to clean up the ‘fuzzies’ left after pressure washing and smooth out many of the ‘grinder marks’ left when sanding. You can see this ‘optional’ item in one of the images above.

Flexible backing pads are available with:

  • a ‘threaded’ center shaft (5/8″ shaft), used on electric tools such as Makita sanders, polishers, grinders.
  • For the A/0 (aluminum oxide) abrasive sanding discs to fit the flexible backing pads, go HERE.


Makita 9227C parts break down

9227C Owner's manual

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  • Osborn Buffing Brush

    Showing square bristle on left, round bristle on right.

    Osborn buffing brush

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