Log Wizard for chainsaws

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  • Log Wizard debarker

    Log Wizard debarker The Log Wizard debarker is a one of a kind chainsaw attachment that turns your chainsaw into an an amazing new tool. Particularly useful when purchased with the optional Bar and Cutterless Chain
    $199.95 Details/Purchase
  • 16″ bar and cutterless chain. Bar drilled to fit Log Wizard or Log Master Attachments

    ca0030-16" This is a Bar drilled for attaching Log Wizard or Log Master with a cutterless chain.  
    $60.00 Details/Purchase
  • 3-1/4″ planer blades for Log Wizard (set 0f 2)

    ca0035-3-1/4 -blades 3-1/4" Replacement blades.  Set of 2 for Log Wizard
    $19.95 Product Details
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  • Chainsaw sprockets – center rim

    ca0021-chainsaw-sprockets-rim Rim sprockets align saw chain with the groove in the chainsaw bar.  The' floating rim' slides on a splined hub that is generally part of the crankshaft.
    $5.95 Details/Purchase
  • Log Wizard Parts

    ca0030-lw-parts Most folks get a lot of use out of their Log Wizard before they need replacement parts.  

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