Skidding Tong-ring

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Dixie Skidding/loading tongs

Skidding/loading tongs are used to drag logs out of the woods or across the yard. As we’re closing out this product line, you’ll find ‘Really Good Deals’ on what is left.


Dixie Skidding/loading tongs

Dixie Skidding/loading tongs are used to drag logs out of the woods or across the yard.

They can also be used to lift logs if within 5′ of the ground and away from people.

  • Dixie Industries forges Logger Tongs from alloy steel for maximum strength and durability
  • Logger tongs are designed for tree length logging
  • Points are shaped to make hooking and unhooking easy while assuring holding strength
  • Logger’s unique design places additional material at stress points
  • Tong is supported with heat treated ring attached by shackles
  • Not for overhead lifting, use lifting tongs only
  • Painted  Blue
  • Made in U.S.A.


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