Log Hog Screws

OlyLog is the first threaded log home fastener which requires no predrilling and is ACQ approved.

In many areas of the country you may need a engineer to determine the correct spacing for the Oly Log screws in you log walls.

Anecdotally, spacing will normally run from as close as 9″”-12″” around openings to 36″” in solid wood wall areas. Don’t take this as gospel, however it gives you a starting point for your preliminary estimating.

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  • Log Hog Screws

    Log Hog Screws are similar to the Oly Log Screws , however with  a larger 15/64" shank and 5/16" hex head...as well as 3" of threaded tip hdw0012-hog
    $8.50$304.00 Details/Purchase

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