Privacy Policy

How we protect your email and mailing address:

If you signed up to receive our Free Newsletter, we'll add you to our subscriber list. You'll receive approximately two regular Newsletters a year, and possibly a mini newsletter/monthly specials now and again.

If you ordered products from us and in the process of ordering gave us your email, You'll have to click on the 'subscribe' button, then we'll add it to the subscription list. Otherwise, by default giving us your email along with your online order won't put you on our email list.

Each Newsletter has an easy "unsubscribe" button for those not interested. Additionally, if you ordered Finishes, Saw Chain or something that wears out or needs periodic recoating, we may rarely email you with notices on specials that pertain to these items that you may be using.  As an example of this is, we recently offered a discount off the purchase price of a particular finish brand for previous purchasers of that brand.

If you are a customer, we will also send you our catalog, unless you request that we don't.

Your email or mailing address is never rented, loaned, or sold to anyone else.

How your credit card information is protected when you place an order:

If you're placing an online credit card order, the credit card information is directed straight to the credit card processing Company...currently PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account...they also process credit cards). When we access the credit card information we log on with a unique one time password that changes each time we access the information. We are PCI compliant which means we pass the tough standards set by the credit card companies themselves.

Our secure certificate is through Thawte.

If you place an order by email, fax or phone, your credit card information is managed through our secure system.

Additional protections...

We micro cut shred all paperwork that contains any customer information after processing orders.

We do not share your information with any other source.

We don't sell, trade, or loan your email address or other information.

If you have any comments or question regarding this Privacy statement send us an email. We always appreciate hearing from you.