Cascade Exterior Clear Topcoat

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Cascade Clear Top Coat

Cascade Clear is now available in Semi-gloss and Matte.
Cascade Clear Top Coat
is a weather repellent topcoat to be used with Capture Log Home Stain



Cascade Clear Top Coat

Now available in Semi-Gloss and Matte. (Original is now called Semi-Gloss)

Cascade Clear Top Coat is a weather repellent clear topcoat to be used with Capture Log Home Stain

  • Finishing top coat for Sashco’s Capture Log Stain
  • Extends life of underlying finishes
  • Ultra water repellent
  • Dries crystal clear
  • Water-based – easy to apply and clean up
  • Freeze-thaw stable Weather repellent shield.

Once your home is stained with Capture, (and Capture has properly dried), apply Cascade Clear Top Coat as a weather repellent. This step adds extra protection against mildew and damaging UV light.

Excellent adhesion.

Unique and proprietary formula gives Capture extreme adhesion to wood. It acts as a powerful primer for caulks/chinking by giving even more adhesion results to Log Builder or Log Jam when applied to Capture.

300-600 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on surface roughness.

Cascade Clear Top Coat benefits include:

  • Maintenance made easy: Skip the arduous work of completely removing your stain when it needs refreshing. Simply clean the wood surface, apply Cascade Clear Top Coat to bring back that just-stained look, and get back to life.
  • Easy water clean-up: Skin, earth, and nose friendly is always a plus. No harsh chemicals required.
  • Easy to know when: If the surface has lost its sheen, it’s time for maintenance. No second-guessing necessary. It’s the easiest way to keep your log home looking like the day it was finished.
  • Won’t discolor chinking: Cascade Clear Top Coat is clear, so routine maintenance applications won’t affect the color of your log home chinking or other sealants.
  • Repels water: Keeps your logs in tip-top shape and your rot concerns at bay.
  • Resists mildew & algae: Ensures that unsightly growths stay where they belong – in a lab, not on your logs.
  • Protects against UV damage: Cascade protects Capture Log Stain from major color shifts to maintain that just-stained look.

Note: Best over Capture. Not recommended for Transformation Siding & Trim or Transformation Log and Timber.
(Cascade is compatible over Transformation Siding and Trim, however Siding and Trim can’t go over Cascade…thus color maintenance down the road would be difficult).
Note: Cascade Matte and Cascade Semi-gloss (original blend) apply differently…be sure to read the instructions.

NOTE: Cascade Matte cannot freeze…time your shipments according to the weather and store properly.


Capture and Cascade application

Cascade Data Sheet

Cascade msds

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