Copper Post Caps

Solid Copper Post Caps not only look great, they can extend the life of your exterior posts.

  • As with any copper product the ‘look’ of the copper will change over the years as it oxidizes…think of the difference in a new and an old penny. Your environment, e.g. air quality, pollution will also affect the long term look, as well as how much you handle them.
  • Due to this aging effect, we have all post caps made specifically for your order to assure they’ll all look the same when you receive them…so remember to allow 3-6 weeks.
  • Additionally, some folks like to install borate rods under the caps (into the top of the post), to further control any future rot.

Finally: There are clear lacquers on the market that will keep them looking new if you would prefer that look.

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  • Sedona Copper Post Cap

    Sedona Copper Post Cap

    Sedona Copper Post Caps for keeping with your rustic décor, and providing the protection your posts need. hdw0070-post-cap-sedona  
    $15.07$120.23 Details/Purchase
  • Tiara Copper Post Cap

    Tiara Copper Post Cap hdw0070-post-cap-tiara Nortek Round Copper Post caps help protect your log posts
    $36.47$190.82 Details/Purchase

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