NW Wood Auger Bit


NW Wood Auger Bit

NW long wood auger bits are available from 12″ up to 60″ in length and designed to drill through several logs or beams at once for making electrical chases, drilling through-bolt chases, drilling truss pieces, stair treads, etc.



NW Wood Auger Bit

NW  (Northwest) long wood auger bits are designed to drill through several logs or beams at once for making electrical chases, drilling through-bolt chases, drilling truss pieces, stair treads, etc.

Originally designed for log home builders and timber framers, these long drill bits have become the wood auger bits of choice in those professions. The 12″ and 16″ long, 1″ diameter bits are specially designed for drilling Holes for Timber Frame pegs

NW auger bit is shown as the center bit in the pics.

Lengths to 60″ and diameters from 1″ – 1-1/2″ (we do have a couple of 1-3/4″ left)

  • Alloy tool steel center shaft assures extra strength
  • Set up for 1/2″ drive drill. 1/2″ indexed non-slip hex
  • Self feed centering point.
  • Double spur, double cutters.
  • Continuous full length flite for chip removal. (flites come to within approximately 5″ of the drill end of the bit)…thus a 40″ bit has 35″ of flite for moving chips.

Note: Don’t expect the full length flites to continue to eject chips unless you occasionally (every few inches), “clear” the hole. i.e. pull the bit out to remove the accumulated chips. Smaller flites on the 7/8″ and 1″ diameters may load up as the center shaft is 1/2″, thus the 1″ bit only has 1/4″ of flites each side. If this happens on any auger bit, the bit must be pulled out to allow it to clean the chip accumulation.

Due to the large flites on the larger diameter auger bits it may tend to hook the wood slivers on the exit side of the log or timber causing it to screw it’s way on through.

This can damage the bit. To avoid this, do not force the bit when exiting. Switch drill motor from forward to reverse a couple of times working the bit in and out to remove wood slivers on the exit side of the hole.

All this said…these are top quality, high demand auger bits. Originally made for Log Builders and Timber Framers…Very popular.

Need it even longer?…Add one of the NW Extension Bits…up to 4′ long with 6 set screws!

Do not force it!

  • Due to the long length of some of these bits you can break them if you force them.
  • There is no guarantee for bits broken due to excessive force.
  • Use only with a low speed, (200-400 rpm), hand held drill.
  • Do not use with hammer drill or impact type drill motor


  • If you spin the NW Auger Bits too fast they’ll turn the pitch in the wood to glue, which starts to collect the chips and they can’t feed up the shaft. You then need to both clean the chips that are stuck to the bit, you also need to clean with thinner to remove the pitch.
  • Western Red Cedar and some fast growth woods have enough soft wood that the tip can’t find something to bite into.
  • The mfg. states they don’t work for drilling lengthwise into the end of a post…the tendency is for the ‘feed screw’ to follow the line of least resistance…e.g. a soft layer of wood between the darker/harder winters layers…thus, it may start out heading where you want it, by the time you get to the end, it will rarely be true to your mark.
  • End grain drilling may work better with one of the carbide tipped cutter style, such as the Eliminator and the Carbide tipped auger bits, which can be used with electric, air, hydraulic or gasoline powered drill motors and impact wrenches


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