Good Deals

These really are ‘Good Deals‘.

Often the best price advertised on the internet, a hefty discount off our normal (usually already discounted price), or a ‘buy one, get something else on a special).

  • Until further notice… Have we got a deal for you. Purchase any Gransfors Bruk Axe,  Broadaxe, Froe or Drawknife and we’ll throw in an ‘Axe Wax‘.
    This is our way to showcase a great product for keeping your Axes in top shape. Just type in the words ‘Axe Wax’ in the promo code area on the order page when ordering., and we’ll add one to your order.
  • Even better, how about 15% off any in-stock PermaChink product. Several items such as their chinking, caulking and their popular clear top coat finish, Advance. For this great offer type in  Promo Code Perma15 at the checkout/cart page
  • Until March 8th, we’re offering the same great deal on Sashco products…however, it’s not just for in stock items, any of their items in our website…e.g. caulking, chinking, finishes, and much more. Make sure to use Promo Code Sashco15 at the checkout/cart page.

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  • Axe Wax

    Axe Wax - 2 oz.

    Axe Wax is a premium, 100% all-natural and food safe wood finish for wooden handles and metal tools. (axes, hammers, drawknives etc.) st0211-axewax
    $22.00 Product Details
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  • Bulk Loading Gun DL-59-T13

    Sale! Albion t13 bulk loading gun

    Albion bulk loading gun dl-59-t13

    Precursor to the T17 bulk loading gun. This is the one that many of you have used in the past. cc0002-Gun-Albion-DL59T13
    $99.95 Product Details
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  • Headlok Panel Fasteners 2-7/8″ to 8-1/2″


    Headlok Panel Fasteners 2-7/8" to 8-1/2"

    The OMG HeadLok Panel Fastener is a specialized, flat head fastener engineered for a wide range of panel applications including Structural Insulated Panels, Prefabricated Wall Panels, and Nail board. Available in lengths from 2-7/8 inches to 18 inches. hdw0013-headlok-panel
    $3.67 - $166.00 $3.67 - $150.00 Details/Purchase
  • Osborn Buffing Brush

    Sale! Showing square bristle on left, round bristle on right.

    Osborn buffing brush

    Osborn nylon bristle buffing brushes are used to smooth away excess wood fiber from your logs caused by chemical stripping, pressure washing, or corn cob blasting. crp0013-Osborn-Brush
    $65.95 - $168.00 $64.50 - $82.50 Details/Purchase

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