Albion 2″ Threaded Ring Cap & Accessories


Albion 2″ Ring Cap & Accessories

Use this threaded ring cap with several attachments to make your bulk loading gun even more useful.



Albion 2″ Threaded Ring Cap

Threaded Ring cap

  • Steel construction, zinc plated
  • Includes the #31-13 leather gasket, 1/8″ diameter

    2″ Threaded Ring Cap works with
  • 587-2 Metal Insert Cap
    • Insert Cap allows the use of threaded plastic nozzle 769-4-RDA with Albion Professional Line (DL-45, DL-59, etc.) bulk and sausage guns.
    • Place inside ring cap 421-G01 and then thread on plastic nozzle 769-4-RDA.
  • 235.3 Orange Cone
    • Tough enough to use against brick or concrete.  HDPE plastic won’t scratch glass or metal.
    • Cut to any size opening from 1/8″ to 1-3/4″ with utility knife
  • 935.3 Angled Cone Yellow/Green Color
    • Bent at 45 degree angle
    • Gives you additional reach and the ability to get around corners
    • 1.2″ straight then 5.5″ additional after 45 degree bend
    • Reduces strain by eliminating the need to hold dispensing guns at uncomfortable angles
    • Fits all 2″ diameter barrel Albion professional bulk and sausage guns, such as the DL-45 and DL-59 series
    • Trim with a utility knife to desired size and shape opening
  • We carry the ‘Albion DL-59′ series‘…manual or air powered..




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