“Security Jack”


Security settling jacks

Security Jacks are used for adjustment of total height of post.


Security settling jack
hdw0005-security jack

Currently Out of Production…this info left up for those that are searching for it.

The “Security Jack” is unique.  It not only provides adjustment and load bearing but “up-lift” protection and engineering as well.

We have one size of settling jack.

  • T-1 3/4 inch jack is good for most applications such as porch posts and floor loads inside

All hardware to install comes with the “Security Jack”

  • Two 3-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ plates predrilled with 7/16″ holes
  •  3/4″  allthread, nut, washer
  • special mounting hardware
  • top anti-uplift plate/locking plate
  • 4″ maximum settling

All ‘plates’ appear to be 5/16″ thick

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