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  • Barr Hewing Drawknife

    Barr Hewing Drawknife
    Barr Hewing Drawknife Built to give a hand-hewn texture on your timbers and logs. st0025-barr-drawknife-hewing
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  • Carbide Tipped Auger Bits

    Carbide Tipped Auger Bit
    Carbide Tipped Wood Bits st0095-CT-carbide These long Carbide-Tipped Wood Auger Bits are among the toughest in the industry!  A carbide-tipped cutting tip combined with a hardened steel cutting edge allows you to bore holes in even the hardest of "Green Woods" quickly, leaving little residue. Lengths to 48"
    $88.95$303.95 Details/Purchase
  • Hults Bruk Kalix Compact Felling Axe

    Sale! Hults Bruk Kalix Axe

    Hults Bruk Kalix Compact Felling Axe st0211-hb-kalix

    The Hults Bruk Kalix is a compact felling axe intended for bringing down or cutting up small to medium sized trees.
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  • Hults-Torneo Felling Axe

    Sale! Hults Bruk Torneo
    Hults-Torneo Felling Axe st0211-Hults-Torneo The Hults Bruk Torneo Felling Axeis a compact felling axe intended for bringing down or cutting up small to medium sized trees.
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  • “Security Jack”

    Security settling jacks hdw0005-security-jack Security Jacks are used for adjustment of total height of post.
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  • 1/4 pitch saw chain

    1/4 pitch saw chain ca0010-1/4-chain We've left this for reference as we may again offer 1/4 pitch chain....Till then, nope, no 1/4 pitch chain This is the preferred choice among professional carvers. 1/4 pitch chain is available in either single raker or double raker styles  
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  • Chainsaw chain for log building, firewood cutting, chainsaw carving.

    Saw Chain
    ca0010-chain-standard We offer 3 of the most common pitches of saw chain.  
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  • Chainsaw 1/4 pitch spur sprocket

    Chainsaw 1/4 pitch spur sprocket ca0021-1/4-sprocket 1/4 pitch SPUR SPROCKETS are made of high grade steel which is specially heat treated for extra long life and wear.
    $19.95$24.95 Details/Purchase
  • Cutterless Saw Chain

    Cutterless Saw Chain ca0010-cutterless Chainsaw cutterless chain is used to drive chainsaw attachments such as the Log Wizard, Log Master, Lewis Winch and Simpson capstan winch.  
    $18.00$42.00 Select options
  • Log Master

    ca0037 The Log Master bears a resemblance to the Log Wizard; however, it's uniqueness lies in it's ability to hollow out logs.
  • 5/32″ file

  • 6″ Hardwood Timber Frame pegs

    6" Hardwood Timber Frame pegs hdw0065-pegs-6 1" diameter x 6" wood pegs are available in Red Oak.
    $0.75$0.81 Details/Purchase
  • Chainsaw Ripping chain

    Chainsaw Ripping Chain Ripping chain will definately make your rips go faster...with both scoring teeth and cutting teeth to help clear the chips as quick as they're cut. Contact Us with the pitch, gauge, drive link count and we'll check what we have...this is one of those items we haven't found the time to keep the inventory updated...thus the shopping cart system might say 'out of stock', when we actually have a full roll on the shelf.Ripping chain will definitely make your 'rips' go faster...with both scoring teeth and cutting teeth to help clear the chips as quick as they're cut. ca0010
    $0.00$48.00 Details/Purchase
  • Mastercarver chainsaw carving bar

    Mastercarver High performance, 12” length, precision machining, specially hardened and Stellite coated steel. ca0020-mc-bar
    $39.95 Details/Purchase
  • Cedar

  • Cedartone

  • Chainsaw Rubber Safety boots

    Sale! Husqvarna Rubber Safety Boots
    sg0040-boots-safety-rubber Chainsaw Waterproof protective boot with improved and approved saw protection. Natural rubber with cotton pile lining. 4 layer insole, ankle-guard, and heel grip.
    $59.99 Details/Purchase
  • Clear

  • Replacement blades for Log Master. Set of 2.

  • DEFY Original wood finish

    DEFY Original Log Home Stain

    DEFY Original, with Synthelon, is for use on Log Homes, wood decks, and wood sided homes. This is the 'Original' blend that SaverSystems developed and has remained a favorite with many people lf0005-defy-original  
    $234.95 Details/Purchase
  • Description

  • Description

  • Description

  • Electrical Box Log Adapters–Frames

    Electrical Box Log Adapters--Frames

    These wooden adapter frames allow electrical switches and outlets to be mounted simply and easily to log walls, giving you a finished, professional look.

    $11.95$15.95 Details/Purchase
  • Electrical Box Log Adapters-full cover-double


    These 2 gang/double wooden adapter frames have a full wooden front with metal facing to the inside to meet code

    $16.49 Details/Purchase

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