Commander Mallet


Commander Mallet

The 135mm Commander Mallet minimizes risk of cosmetic damage to the log or timber due to the larger face of this wood mallet.



Commander Mallet

Use the 135mm Commander Mallet to move your logs or timbers to their exact position.
Minimizes risk of cosmetic damage to the log or timber due to the larger face of this mallet.

  • Head is metal strapped to help prevent splitting.
  • The handle is 36″.
  • Head is a heavy, dense Japanese hardwood noted for withstanding impact
  • Handle is Japanese White Oak for strength and longevity

120 oz. head is approximately 6-8 lbs. (120oz./16oz.= 7.5 lbs…it varies), and 5-1/4″ x 5″ x 9-3/4″ in size. Mallet with handle can weight as much as 9lbs.

NOTE: The Mallet heads and handles must be made in different locations as we often have problems sizing them up. If this happens to you, you can either shave down the handle (preferred method), or enlarge the handle opening in the head.

A bit of confusion as the 135mm Commander is 120 oz. approximately…and the smaller Commander happens to be 120mm…We currently don’t carry the smaller size.

Commander: A heavy beetle or mallet. Used in paving, sail lofts, pounding large wood stakes, log home building and timber framing.



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