Log Wizard Debarker


Log Wizard Chainsaw Attachment

Log Wizard debarking tool with hard case is a  chainsaw attachment that turns your chainsaw into an an amazing peeler – debarker.



Log Wizard debarking tool

The Log Wizard attaches to most any chainsaw and is a handy tool for debarking, making log railings, and notching. peeling, minor notching, and “sharpening” the end of a log.

The Log Wizard is particularly useful when purchased with the predrilled Bar and Cutterless Chain

Comes with both a 3/8″ or 325 sprocket. 

  • Band Saw Mill owners use one to “clean” the log prior to milling to keep their band saw blades sharp.
  • Log Wizard comes with both 3/8″ and .325 sprockets… you’ll receive both sprockets with the 3/8 sprocket installed.
  • We have an optional 16″ laminated bar, drilled to accept the Log Wizard…along with the cutterless chain for those of you who don’t want to drill your own bar and find a cutterless chain…Click HERE for more information and to order this.

Note: People have asked about using the Log Wizard with an electric chainsaw. Reports we have show varying success (or lack thereof). Generally electrics are under-powered and will tend to skip, bite and wear out the saw when using with the Log Wizard. The original manufacturer reports testing the largest electric chainsaw then on the market (80’s) and found it worked okay, however it led them to not recommend using an electric.


Here's a Video showing an easy setup for using the Log Wizard

Log Wizard miscellaneous

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