Oakum – Oiled


Oiled Oakum

Oiled Oakum can be used between the logs, in traditional log home building, to seal out the elements…and in traditional wooden boat building…and some plumbing with caste iron pipes…



Oiled Oakum

This is an oiled product (Been told it’s the equivalent of 7-800 wt and doesn’t easily burn at lower temperatures…plumbers that are packing caste iron joints are pouring 1000 degree lead on it to create the seal). This also has bentonite in the mix…which will expand when wet…(think about using in traditional wooden boats to seal between the boards).

  • +/- 1 Pound Bag consists of approximately 3 strands of 3/4″ oiled oakum, 27″ in length,
  • 5 Pound Box consists of approximately 12 strands of 3/4″ oiled oakum, 27″ in length.
  • 50′ Box consists of:
    • 50′ (approximately), of 2-1/4″ diameter Oiled Oakum
    • It can then be unraveled into approximately 7 strands of 3/4″ diameter
    • Which could be untwisted into 4-6 smaller strands (whatever it takes to maintain the weight).
    • weight wise, this runs 57-60lbs…thus qualifying it for the UPS over 50lb. fee…ugh

NOTE: Weights are approximate.

NOTE: To use as a backing material for chinking or caulking material, it’s best to place a bond breaking tape over the surface so the caulking/chinking material is not in direct contact with the Oakum. We don’t recommend the Oiled Oakum for use in a lateral where the pressure of the logs will squeeze the Oakum…this may push some of the oil out of the Oakum and down your logs.

NOTE: Oakum is rarely visible when installed. However, for those working on unusual projects, some folks feel there is a bit of a deep dark green tint to the stuff…all heavy oils tend to have a ‘greenish’ hue.

NOTE: We’ve heard that some companies wrap their wire in switch boxes (think Railroad), with the oiled Oakum, then ‘sleeve’ it with the nylon (?) outer sleeve. The mice don’t like the oiled Oakum, thus the Switch Box damage due to rodents is greatly reduced. (Scotty says he’s thinking of using it under the dash on our old farm truck…seems every year the critters damage the wiring).



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