Longer than 12″ Timber Frame pegs


Long Timber Frame pegs

Timber Frame Pegs:

  • Are available in 14′, 16″, and 18″ lengths.
  • Red Oak…Straight (bevel in starter end)
  • Lightly Waxed



Long Timber Frame pegs

Timber Frame Pegs:

  • Available in 14′, 16″, and 18″ lengths.
  • Red Oak
  • Straight (bevel one end to start in the hole)

Wood used in pegs is selected with as linear and clear a grain as possible.  This reduces the likelihood of breakage, particularly with the timber frame pegs.

NOTES: Many auger bits actually cut +/- .030 oversize…in part so the balance of the shaft/flites aren’t overheating with the friction of rubbing on the sides of the hole and part due to many woods appear to ‘swell’ a bit upon drilling. In effect, making the hole close to call size. Thus, it’s best to have a couple of brands of drill bits available.


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