Timber Frame pegs – 12″


Timber Frame pegs – 12″

12″ Hardwood Timber Frame pegs are available in your choice of Red Oak or White Oak in a variety of profiles



Timber Frame pegs – 12″

*White Oak shortage this season, we will have more in stock in several months.*

12″ wood pegs are available in Red Oak (the most common), or White Oak…known for superior rot resistance.

  • Straight pegs are turned approximately 1/64″ oversize
  • Double chamfered pegs have a decorative 45 degree chamfer on either end…and only available in 1″
  • Tapered pegs are 1/64″ over the measurement, tapered to 1/64″ under.

Image showing 4 pegs styles is as follows from left to right…Double chamfer, Straight (starter bevel one end), Tapered, Drawbore

NOTES:  Due to the mechanism that holds the peg during manufacturing the 3/4″ diameter tapered pegs start with a full 1″ diameter for the first 1″ of the peg…if you cut this off (often after installing), you’ll end up with an 11″ peg.

NOTES: Many auger bits actually cut +/- .030 oversize…in part so the shaft/flites aren’t overheating with the friction of rubbing on the sides of the hole and part due to many woods appear to ‘swell’ a bit upon drilling. In effect, making the hole close to call size. Thus, it’s best to have a couple of brands of drill bits available to test against.

Looking for other lengths? Try HERE!


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