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  • Capture Log Stain – Original Premixed

    Sale! Capture Log Stain Color Chart
    Capture Log Stain Capture log stain by Sashco is designed to protect your home no matter what the weather condition or elevation. lf0015-Capture  
    $0.00 - $319.99 $0.00 - $287.99 Details/Purchase
  • DEFY Extreme Wood Stain

    DEFY Extreme Wood Stain lf0012-defy-extreme DEFY Extreme wood stain
    • A Nano technology finish available in 'Crystal Clear' or tinted.
    • A truly eco-friendly, V.O.C. compliant product that offers tough protection while being gentle on our environment
    $0.00 - $247.25 $0.00 - $222.55 Details/Purchase
  • PermaChink Advance clear exterior topcoat

    Lifeline Advance Top Coat lf0035-Finish-PC-Advance Clear Exterior Top Coat Lifeline Advance works just like the clear-coat on your car to protect the color coat underneath. It extends the life of the finish system while adding depth and highlights to the appearance. It makes your exterior walls easier to keep clean.
    $0.00 - $376.20 $0.00 - $357.39 Details/Purchase
  • PermaChink Ultra-2

    Perma-Chink Ultra 2 Wood Finish lf0030-finish-pc-ultra2
    Perma-Chink Ultra 2 Distinguish and protect your home with this two coat application followed by a clear satin or gloss topcoat.  Water repellent, breathable, water based, mold & mildew resistant, superior UV protection.
    $0.00$416.96 Details/Purchase

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