Sedona Copper Post Cap


Sedona Copper Post Cap

Sedona Copper Post Caps for keeping with your rustic décor, and providing the protection your posts need.




Sedona Copper Post Cap

‘Sedona’ Copper Post Caps

  • A great solution to keep your deck post tops protected from the elements
  • Protects log post ends from ultra-violet rays, rain and snow
  • This Copper cap is an excellent finishing touch to your deck railing or interior log railing.
  • Made out of 1 piece of solid copper… .032 thickness (32 thousands)
  • Collar is a 1 inch drop from the top of your post
  • Sedona caps have 3 holes drilled for the 3 copper tacks provided.

Order copper post caps to the nearest 1/4″…generally round up, unless you’re willing to do a bit of shaving/whittling to get them to fit. These copper caps are not adjustable…thus, 6.8″ or 6-7/8″ could either be ordered as 6-3/4″, with a tad bit of profiling…or 7″ with a small amount of gap. Due to the custom nature of these products, there are NO RETURNS. Please measure your posts twice to be sure of the sizes you need.

Sedona Copper Post Caps are made by one fellow working out as fast as he can…so…

Expect your order to take between 4 and 6 weeks.

Some folks like to install some Borate Rods into the top, or the top edge of the post, prior to installation of the Copper Post cap…in case of condensation.


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