Follow Plate for straight sided pails


Follow Plate for straight sided pails 117-16

Straight sided Threaded Follow Plate reduces the mess of bulk loading caulk from pails. Keeps gun barrel clean and prevents air from entering gun barrel during loading.



Follow Plate for straight sided pails

Albion threaded straight sided follow plate.

Designed to minimize the materials exposure to air and improve the loading process
Fits inside the pail with 10 7/8″ inside diameter
5 gallon for threaded barrel gun

Use the Threaded straight sided follow plate for non-tapered buckets. Not as many straight sided buckets out there, thus most folks will need the Neoprene follow plate.


  • Open pail and place Follow Plate directly on top of material (after mixing, if necessary).
  • Press it down firmly to eliminate air pockets.
  • Remove front cap from gun and advance the rod as far forward as it will go.
  • Thread the gun into the Plate.
  • While exerting pressure down onto the plate, pull back on the rod to fill the gun.
  • When full, unthread the gun from the follow plate and replace the cap and nozzle on the gun.
  • Cover the opening on the follow plate with a piece of plastic to limit curing between fills.



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