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  • by Roger Hard #bb105 Build Your Own Low Cost Log Home With this book you'll learn basic construction techniques for both simple one store and more complex multi story dwellings. Shows information on building using both flat on flat and coped methods of building, as well as how to erect a "kit" log shell.
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  • by Rachel Carley bb208 Cabin Fever Rachel Carley holds a Master's Degree in Historic Preservation and puts her knowledge to good use in this book. Featuring rustic interiors as well as North Woods architecture.
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  • bb315   Home Building and Woodworking in Colonial America by C. Keith Wilbur This illustrated sourcebook of seventeenth and eighteenth century construction reveals the expertise and foresight of Colonial builder who created structures that could withstand decades, even centuries, of wear and weather.  
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  • Contracting and Building Your Own Log Home
    by Jim Cooper

    bb140 Log Homes Made Easy

    One of the most popular owner-builder books. Walks you through the actual construction process.  Now in its 3rd edition.

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  • Owner Built House - Revised Edition by B. Allan Mackie. Allan Mackie's newest book. Allan Mackie believes - and demonstrates in this book - that attitude is at least as important as carpentry skills.  bb157  
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